Protein Popsicles

Frozen Chocolate Banana Protein Popsicles

7g of protein

Only 73 calories in each!!

Makes 4 popsicles

1 single serving container (142g) of vanilla Greek yogurt – 120 calories

1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder – 60 calories

1/2 tbsp cocoa – 10 calories

1/4 cup almond milk – 9 calories

1 medium banana – 90 calories

Total of 289 calories = 73 cals each

A total of 28 grams of protein = 7 grams of protein in each popsicle

Blend vanilla Greek yogurt, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, and cocoa in blender. I let my blend until it was extremely thin (approximately 2 minutes.)
Slice banana and gently place 4-5 pieces in popsicle tray. Pour blender mix over top and let freeze overnight. Enjoy!

(I bought my popsicle tray from the dollar store for $1.50)

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