Weekly Meal Prep

5 Day Meal Prep

Turkey Sausages with Tzatziki and Greek Salad (super easy recipe)


1 package of lean turkey sausages

Greek seasoning powder

Tzatziki or Greek Style dressing (I bought mine from Trader Joe’s)



Red onion

Baby tomatoes

Optional: yellow, orange & red peppers, black olives, additional veggies (I’m just picky and don’t like them in mine)


Greek salad dressing

Preheat oven to 375. Cook turkey sausages for 25 minutes, flipping once. I sprinkle them with Greek seasoning.

Chop up veggies and mix with Greek salad dressing and desired amount of feta. (I usually put salad dressing/feta in separate containers and mix on the DAY OF EATING so that the veggies don’t go gross.) Evenly divide sausages and Greek salad into five plastic/glass containers. Pour tzatziki into five salad dressing containers and place inside. Simple weekly meal prep for work or school lunches!

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